when cowboys ruled the world

When I was in Indiana for a year, one of the things I missed was the Roy Rogers Restaurant in Bayville, NJ. Their roast beef sandwich is to die for.

The other day I noticed that they still have a picture of Roy up on the wall, with a quote from him about how good the food is. Kind of weird, considering how long it has been since he passed away. It occurred to me that most of the people under the age of 40 (or maybe even 50) who go in there probably don't even know who Roy Rogers was, which is a shame. He and Dale were the sort of people who made the world a better place by the way they lived their lives.

Another interesting thing about Roy Rogers (the restaurant, not the man) is that they apparently don't give a rat's behind about being politically correct. If you buy a super size meal, your fries come in a cardboard holster. Kids can even wear it on their belt and keep their toy gun in it. Oh, wait, kids don't play with guns anymore, do they. They aren't supposed to play cowboys and indians anymore, either, I guess. (Oops. I meant to say "cowboys and Native Americans".)

Well, it may not be politically correct to say so, but I think that holster is adorable.

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