Port #3: Mykonos


Cruise ships anchored off Mykonos

After missing Santorini due to high winds, I was worried we might not be able to tender at Mykonos, either. Our itinerary listed Mykonos as a tender port but it turns out that they have room for two cruise ships and we got one of the spots. In addition to the two ships that were docked, there were at least 4 ships anchored nearby. In spite of that, it didn't seem as crowded as I expected it would.

Mykonos exists because of tourists -- cruisers, primarily. The town is filled with plenty of restaurants and shops to keep the tourists busy spending money. But you don't mind at all because as you wander around, you are just in awe of the place. It is so white and clean and the sky is so blue and the water such lovely shades of blue and green that it almost feels fake. It's like the Disneyland of Greek islands. But I mean that in a good way. :)

When you get off your ship, you take a 5-minute ride in a free shuttle bus. Once you are dropped off, you walk the equivalent of a few blocks to the town. When you are ready to return to your ship, you can take a taxi if you are too tired to walk back to the shuttle buses.

If you like to take photos, you will be in heaven in Mykonos. If you like to shop or sit at little outdoor cafes and watch people walk by, you will have a lovely time in Mykonos. If you want ruins, you can take a ferry or guided tour to the nearby island of Delos and get your fill of history. If you want museums, you will have to look elsewhere.

Bottom line: Mykonos = Cute! Cute! Cute!

Pictures from our visit to Mykonos can be seen here.

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