R.I.P. Misty "Mistella" Hand Spear


Misty "Mistella" Hand Spear passed away on Friday, August 10, 2012. She was 17 years old.

Misty was born in Southern California and moved to New Jersey at the age of four. Eight years later, she and her family settled in the western suburbs of Philadelphia, where she spent the last five years of her life.

Misty is survived by her adopted brother Target and her human companions, Dan, Kathy, and Chloe Spear.

Misty was a beautiful tortoise-shell cat with a sweet personality. Her greatest pleasure was sitting on Dan's lap (always with her special blanket!) as he watched television. The living room will seem so empty without you, Mistella!

Misty Hand Spear
Misty Hand Spear. (4/1/95 - 8/10/12)

Misty sleeping on my old, fat monitor.
Misty sleeping on my old, fat monitor.

Yes, I like it up here. Why?
"Yes, I like it up here. Why?"